A Trailer Towing Denver Operator Offers Important Highway Towing Safety Tips

by | Nov 2, 2012 | Transport companies‎

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If you have recently purchased a trailer and are ready to start using it, there are few considerations regarding safety that must be followed. Most people are surprised at the startling difference in vehicle response when towing a large load. Whether moving forward or in reverse, a considerable amount of compensation is required for turning. Trailer wheels are much closer to the ground which must be factored into your operation of the vehicle. Always make certain to check your vehicle handbook to ensure safe operation.

Observe Regulations
According to trailer towing Denver experts, it’s best to always drive at a moderate speed when towing large weights. Some states have regulations and laws that require motorists to observe certain speeds when moving a trailer. Driving slower than usual avoid vehicle stress and potential breakdowns. Always plan ahead when braking as extra distance is required. Anticipate slowing down or stopping early to avoid hard braking and possible loss of control. Heavy braking can lead to trailer sway or jack knifing.

Unusual Road Conditions
Traveling on bumpy surfaces can create a floating effect. The best way to avoid this is by reducing speed. There can also be problems dealing with wind conditions and heavy traffic. A larger vehicle can cause a wind shift when passing by. Place your hands on the wheel firmly and avoid panic. If the trailer starts to sway do not sharply brake. Rather, gently reduce speed by using the gears. Additionally, whenever overtaking always allow plenty of distance and never pass while going uphill.

Handling Grades
When traveling on roadways that have soft shoulders, make certain the trailer wheels remain on the pavement. Contacting a soft shoulder may cause the trailer to begin moving. The recommended course of action is downshifting to slow down. Motorists often face steep grades when towing. This requires different handling characteristics. The biggest consideration is avoiding brake system overheating and failure. Regardless of the towing environment, it’s essential to observe all trailer towing Denver safety rules closely.

Safety When Parking
Once reaching your final destination, the decision is finding a place to park. If you are transporting a large load it’s best to avoid stopping on a grade whether uphill or downhill. A level parking area is preferred. However, if parking on a grade is the only option make certain the wheels are blocked. Most importantly, if you plan to unhitch the trailer completely, it’s essential that chocks are in place. By following these simple guidelines, your next towing adventure will be smooth and safe.