GPS navigation for today’s taxis

by | Sep 10, 2013 | Transportation and Logistics

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GPS systems, just a few years back they were top end military gear, today they are in common use for communications as well as safety. Most people are somewhat aware of how they work but perhaps people do not yet realize the full potential of GPS and how it can be used in an Everett taxi.

Modern taxi fleets use GPS as a way to dispatch the car, trace it, ensure the safety of the passenger and driver and rescue if necessary. GPS is a great help to the driver of course, but it can also be helpful to the passenger as it displays an e-map which can provide information to the passenger that he or she may need to know about the area. When a taxi is at rest, busy or vacant, the GPS can relay this information back to the dispatcher. It is truly amazing just how technology can help the taxi industry, allowing fleet owners to maximize their fleet and function to their full potential.

One of the primary benefits to Everett taxi is speed of dispatch. The GPS allows the drivers to navigate quickly and efficiently to the pick-up point in the least amount of time. The GPS shows not only the location of the taxi, but the location of the customer as well. The dispatcher, who sees the locations and conditions of the entire fleet that is currently on the road, he can see immediately which taxi is available and the closest, saving time and money for both the taxi company and the customer. Although taxi drivers become very aware of the streets in the area in which they work, it is difficult to know them all. The GPS is of tremendous assistance to the driver, showing him the shortest and most direct way to the place.

There is always a concern about the excessive carbon footprint left by taxis, a GPS helps in reducing this by increasing the efficiency of the unit, reducing the amount of fuel it uses which in turn has a beneficial effect on the air, less pollutants are emitted. There is no need for any unnecessary driving when the GPS is used; it gives the driver everything he needs, with pin point accuracy.

Taxis are mechanical work horses; they can and do break down. In the past this was a real problem for both the passenger and the driver. Today, if taxi experiences difficulties, the driver can advise the dispatcher using the GPS navigator; the dispatcher can send another taxi to the aid of the passenger and arrange a service vehicle for the driver and taxi. When any unfortunate event occurs, the dispatcher is the first to know, a very comforting thought.