Maintain your business while making a physical move

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Moving and Relocating, Transportation and Logistics

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One can easily say that goods are goods and moving is moving, but this statement is actually quite far from the truth. Moving your home vs. moving your office are two very different things, in the first place you can shut your home down for a few days; however, if you want to maintain providing your customers with service, shutting down must be kept to an absolute minimum. Every day your company is not functioning is a day of no revenues and perhaps even worse, your customers may take their business elsewhere. It is of paramount importance that when the commercial movers on Long Island swing into gear that everything works to plan.

Outside help:

In this day and age when business is difficult, many companies have pared back on the number of employees they have. Making a business move will take a great deal of time and effort, time and energy that the staff may not have. This is an important element that has to be taken into account. Many commercial movers on Long Island have associations with moving consultants, people who have all the experience and expertise to make the move with the absolute minimum of disruption. Of course, any consultants are going to be expensive, moving consultants are no different so you may want to “run the numbers” and see if it is a logical approach based on finances.

Whether you use outside help or not, a detailed plan of the move is very important. Everyone who works for the company must know what is expected of them and when it is expected. There will be tasks such as advising customers and vendors of the move that have to be accomplished well in advance, there are other tasks that will be done on the day of the move.

When to move:

When an individual family is moving the suggestion is to avoid the summer months if possible as this is time when the kids are out of school and a move makes most sense, however, it is also the most expensive time to move. Companies have different demands on them; some companies are at their busiest during the holidays for example so moving in the summer may actually be the most practical even though it is more costly. If your company is involved in retail trade, your busiest times may be the weekends, if this is the case, plan the move during the week when business is traditional slow.