Proper Planning to Reduce the Moving Day Headache

by | Sep 8, 2012 | Transport and the environment

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Moving is a big process and any big process requires patience and planning. You will need to take time off of work most likely, you will also need to call in favors and make arrangements. Contacting moving companies for scheduling and pricing is a good first step. One small step is to make sure they service the areas you’re moving to and from. If you’re moving to Naples for example it’s in your interest to find out which moving companies know the Naples area well and can serve there. It’s really important when tackling something as complex as moving to know what you’re doing ahead of time. Consider it a given that you will be missing a few supplies you thought you had.

Getting help from your friends is a big deal; they can make it much easier to handle the stuff you probably won’t pay the professionals for. You also need to know that some things will need to be disassembled and reassembled and having competent friends help is a grand asset. Even if you are mechanically competent the more help you have the better. The good news is that generally speaking friends can be contracted for the cost of a few cans of beer and some take out.

Make sure you’ve arranged to have some of the basic supplies you’ll need. Toilet paper for example is often the cause of complaint. Don’t take it for granted that the previous owner won’t have cleared every roll out of the house. It’s not something you want to have to run out for, when you get to the house. Have dinner planned for, either something frozen that can be done in the oven or the microwave, or the number of a Chinese, pizza, Thai or whatever your favorite type of take out is. Don’t plan on being able to eat out, it will chew up too much of your evening and the honest truth is you might be a sweaty mess.

The best approach to moving is to plan as much as you can, and to then realize that your plan needs to be fluid. Nothing will work perfectly as planned instead just trying to get as much in place ahead of time to absorb what goes wrong. Make sure you picked one of the good moving companies in Naples that will show up on time, handle things professionally and not damage everything. Make sure you know where your local resources are. Even just moving across town in a place like Naples can stick you in a new neighborhood that you know nothing about. Make sure you know where the nearest grocery store and pharmacy are. The other big piece of advice? Have realistic expectations for the speed things will get done, if you’re moving a large house, be prepared to have it take longer.

Moving day always has its own headaches, moving companies can help. Do what you can to reduce the pain, and turn to Smooth Move Moving and Storage for the rest. This family run and operated business is one of the best moving companies in the Naples area will make your move as smooth and easy as possible. They can be found online.