What to Expect when you hire Professional Local Movers in New York NY

by | Jun 4, 2014 | Moving_Services

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Hiring Local movers in New York NY to help you with your transition is always a great choice. Self moving may seem like an attractive option, but often times, you may simply be setting yourself up for failure. Relocating is a stressful period in anyone’s life more so when you have to worry about every little detail concerning the move. Professional movers take most of the pressure off the move, allowing you to deal with other pressing matters and make the transition as comfortable and as stress free as possible.

Once you hire a local mover, they will usually schedule a walkthrough in your home to take stock of what needs to be moved. This will help them provide you with an estimate of what the process is going to cost. Some of the things they will take into account include estimated hours, manpower, cost of packing and weight, depending on the company that you are dealing with. A representative from the moving company will also go through insurance or carrier coverage as well as answer any queries you may have such as how antiques or other valuables are to be handled. You should also get a confirmation at least 24 hours before the move that everything is on track.

The moving crew will arrive on the day of the move and do a walkthrough. This will involve going through each room to ensure that nothing is missed. The crew will take stock of what needs to be moved, what needs to be packed and what needs to be handled with care. There will be experienced personnel loading the truck while the others carry the furniture outside. Your furniture will be covered with moving blankets and secured with reinforced straps once the truck has been loaded.

Moving trucks from reputable local movers in New York NY are usually in sound mechanical condition and driven by DOT certified drivers. Once items have been safely delivered to the new location, the crew will unload the truck and place the furniture and other items accordingly. It is highly advisable that you are there for this part of the task to be able to direct the crew on where everything goes. The crew will also take safety measures such as installing doors, railing and floor protection.