What Type of Moving Services Do Moving Companies Offer?

by | Jan 16, 2014 | Moving_Services

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It is well known that Moving Companies are designed to help individuals move their valuables and belongings from point A to point B, but what services does a moving company really provide? Do they box up the items? Just move them to the truck? What exactly does a moving company do?

The answer to those questions is -; it varies. A moving company can offer a variety of moving services ranging from help boxing belongings to the actual moving of the items to a new home.

The types of moving services that are offered by a specific moving company will vary, but the following is a look at some of the many services that can be offered by moving companies.

Interstate Move

This is often the most common service provided by a moving company. Interstate moves involve taking the belongings and moving it to another location located in the same state. The move can be within the same city or several cities away.
Typically during an interstate move, the moving company will arrive at the home where the belongings and all items are already packed into boxes. The movers will take those items, place them upon the truck, move them to the new location, and unload the truck.

Packing Services

A moving company may also offer packing services. Packing services involve having a set of hired movers come to a home and pack all belongings/items up for the move. The movers will typically bring their own boxes, padding, and other tools to pack items up.

Storage Services

Occasionally, individuals who are moving will need to move out of their home or apartment before their new home/apartment is ready. A moving company may also offer storage services for these individuals.

Storage services offered by a moving company typically involve having the movers come to the home and pack all the belongings onto a mobile storage unit. The mobile storage unit is then moved to a safe location until the individuals are ready to unpack and move into their new home.

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