3 Factors To Consider When Renting A Limo

Planning an event often means having to arrange transportation. For those charged with arranging transportation for a business meeting, wedding, graduation or special event limousine rental is often the best option. Connecticut limousine rental companies provide a range of different services, vehicles and options that you should carefully consider before deciding which one is right for your needs.

To get the best possible limo you do need to do some research and phone or visit a few different companies. Once you have done this you will quickly discover which Connecticut limousine rental is the one for your special event.

Know Your Budget

As a general guideline you can expect to pay for the vehicle, not the number of passengers that you will put in the vehicle, up to the capacity limit. Most companies, especially the top quality ones, will have a range of different vehicle types in their fleet. This means that you won’t have to pay for a very large stretch limo if you only need a luxury vehicle for a couple or a few people.

A top limo company will understand that you have a budget and will work to provide the transportation that you need within that budget. They will not use high pressure sales techniques to rent you more vehicle than you actually need or want.

Ask About the Quoted Price

You should confirm with the Connecticut limousine rental company that the price you are quoted is the final price. This price will include everything from the actual rental of the vehicle to toll charges, fuel surcharges and a gratuity for the driver.

Since this is all calculated on the distance the vehicle travels, you do need to have a firm itinerary in place. Companies may also offer a per hour hire rate, which may be the most cost effective you are planning on a lot of stops along the way or if you anticipate changes in your route.

Ask About the Vehicle

Most top limo companies have fleet information available on their website, and they also provide the option to actually see the vehicle in advance. This helps you to know just the car or specialty vehicle that will arrive on your big day. You can also talk about the options that the company offers including your options for having food and beverages in the vehicle.

A Connecticut limousine rental company that works with you will make your special event planning simple; at least when it comes to transportation. Always try to compare a few companies and get a good understanding of what current prices and options are offered before making a final decision.