6 Secrets to Find a Moving Firm You Can Rely On

by | Jul 14, 2018 | Moving

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Finding LA movers doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here’s what you can do to find a moving firm to help you.

Start with referrals

Reach out to friends and family as well as colleagues and workmates for tips and suggestions, Real Simple says. They may know someone or something that could give you useful leads.

Know the signs

Be sure to look out for signs of a rogue mover. If the moving company asks for a deposit that’s too large, insists that you pay in cash, and turns up at your door with an unmarked moving van or truck, end the transaction and firmly but politely decline their offer of help.

Show the estimator everything

Don’t try to hide a few items from the estimator only to sneak it back in come moving day. Trying to pool the wool over the eyes of your moving team isn’t going to go over well and could even net you bigger fees.

Review the contract

Don’t sign anything until you’ve thoroughly reviewed the contract. Understand the conditions and terms. It may seem tempting to skip this step and go straight to signing on the dotted line. But if you have any questions or concerns, now is the best time to raise them. That way, if you aren’t happy with the answers you received, you can always check out other options.

Cover the basics

Make sure the company has the licensed and insurance to provide you with the services and assistance you need. Does it have a US DOT number? It must. If the company can’t show you one, move on to other moving firms.

Get a copy of the inventory list

Check it to make sure it’s complete. Don’t hesitate to tell your team of LA movers if they missed anything in the list.