8 Tips to a Stress-Free Moving Day

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Movers, Moving, Moving and Relocating, Moving Companies, Moving_Services

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Not all moving companies in Oak Park IL are going to hit the mark. Here are easy steps to finding the best one out of the bunch:

Start with recommendations

Referrals are an easy way to circumvent all the hassle and stress of trying to find the right team to make your moving day easier.

Get online

Google search results can add a ton of leads and names as well. That should give you enough for a decent list.

Screen your options

Once you have a list, start winnowing it down. Filter your options by checking the company’s background and experience. How long has it been in business? Find out.

Look beyond the quote

Don’t base your hiring decisions on the quotes alone. Check out the company’s reputation and service quality.

Read reviews

Get online feedback by reading through those reviews. Did you find a lot of bad ones? Then spare yourself the stress and trouble of dealing with moving teams that offer less-than-stellar service.

Check ratings

Check out sites like the BBB for ratings. Low ratings are indicative of lousy service quality so you’ll want to go elsewhere for moving and storage help.

Show everything

A reputable moving firm will always send an estimator to make an inventory list and double check everything on that list. Don’t’ try to hide any items, thinking you could sneak them into the pile at no charge on moving day, says Real Simple. You might just end up with extra charges so avoid that at all costs.

Read the contract

Before you sign up with a moving team, review the contract, chapter and verse. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if there’s anything you don’t understand. To avoid problems in the first place, though, hire reputable moving companies in Oak Park IL for help.

Want a stress-free moving day? Keep these 8 tips on your radar.