Blind Dates and Cabs in Minneapolis

by | Nov 27, 2013 | Transportation and Logistics

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On a scale of one to ten, what level of a nightmare was your last blind date? Listen, these things can happen in life. Sure, you want to get out and date. However, sometimes, who you are seated across from may not be who you thought he would be. This can happen through a friend setting you up or an online date. It does not matter how it happened, it only matters that you planned your departure in advance. The best way to end a blind date gracefully is to use one of the Cabs in Minneapolis. It is really that simple. You show up in a cab, and you leave in one. There is no issue with worrying about the stranger picking you up or taking you home. All of this avoided when a professional driver is used.

When you arrive at the agreed upon venue, you will be dropped off by one of the professional Cabs in Minneapolis drivers. Thus, you walk in and then meet your date. As you are seated over dinner, you may find that his attitude is not to your liking. For example, he may be a person that enjoys complaining and goes on about how his entire life has been nothing but drama. This may be a red flag for you if you do not want to be dragged down with him as he goes through his life history. So, you simply say that you have enjoyed the date, but you have headache. Thus, you will need to head home after dinner. Next, because you planned your escape in advance, you will look out to see an iHail cab driver waiting for.

There is nothing better than going out and enjoy a wonderful dinner. Well, that is if your date is happy and upbeat. If he is not, feel free to leave and enjoy a comfortable ride home. So, after you confirm the venue, reserve your cab service in advance. Next, enjoy your date and leave without issue. You will be glad you planned in advance. Further, you can relax while the professional driver gets you home safely.