Climate Controlled Storage Services in Fort Myers, FL Are Important for Many Types of Belongings

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Transportation and Logistics

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Climate controlled storage services in Fort Myers FL are available for people who want to store belongings that should not be subjected to high temperatures and excessively humid conditions. Since that describes the weather in this region much of the time, these people know they’ll need a facility that offers air conditioning and maintains air moisture at a reasonable level.

General Features

With Climate Controlled Storage Services in Fort Myers FL, customers feel reassured about protection from hot, muggy weather. Because the units are indoors, there’s little opportunity for dust to blow in under the doors or for debris to get in when the customer opens the door. Customers must have locks on the doors, but there are extensive added security measures put in place by the facility owners.

Materials That Can Be Damaged by Humidity

For many items, heat isn’t as much of a problem as humidity is. Wood, leather, electronics, and personal photos are just a few examples of things that can be damaged by ongoing high humidity. The intricate parts inside TV sets, computers and other sensitive electronic items may not fare well when stored in muggy conditions for a long time.

Clothing and linens made of natural fabric are less susceptible to deterioration when stored at humidity levels below 60 percent. If people are storing these fabric items in plastic, lower humidity is particularly important since the fabric cannot breathe. Some customers keep fine tablecloths and napkins in storage since they only use these linens a couple of times a year.

Nostalgic Items

Especially if the belongings are expensive or have sentimental value, climate control is important. Sometimes, people are forced to put things like scrapbooks, Grandma’s wedding dress, baptismal gowns, wedding photo albums, wood carvings that Dad made, and other nostalgic items in storage. They would feel awful if they were to pick up those belongings a year later and find warping, mildew and general deterioration.

Storage facilities like Business Name that offers temperature and humidity control help customers keep their belongings in excellent condition. Contact us for more details and to learn prices for units of various sizes.