Etiquette Tips for Dealing with Nearby Moving Companies Plainfield IL

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Moving Companies

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Moving across town often seems like a daunting task, but it’s one that’s made easier with help from Local Movers Plainfield IL residents often feel uncertain about how to politely accommodate a moving company after hiring professionals. Keep reading to learn a few suggestions to help you navigate rules of common courtesy with ease.

Tipping the Moving Team: Is it Necessary?

In most service-oriented businesses like restaurants or hairstyling salons, it’s customary to tip at least 20 percent of the overall fee. However, when it comes to moving, many people aren’t sure whether a tip is necessary, or if perhaps it’s already included.

While tipping is never a requirement, it’s a gesture that’ll certainly be appreciated by local movers. Plainfield IL companies are responsible for safely transferring your possessions from one location to another, and in many cases, they’re handling items that have significant personal or monetary value. It’s important to recognize good work.

Food and Hydration Concerns for Moving Professionals

Even if you’ve only ever relied upon professional movers and not attempted the process independently, you’re probably already aware that moving requires intensive physical labor and often requires providers to cope with harsh weather conditions.

Like tipping, food and beverages are not required but they’ll be gratefully received. Be aware that some members of the team may have food allergies or other preferences, and it’s always best to ask before ordering cuisine and assuming it’ll be suitable.

Also, consider purchasing a few cases of water for local movers Plainfield IL as moving projects may last for several hours or days. Water is a cost-effective but beneficial way to keep everyone happy. Also, avoid alcoholic beverages, because these may not be allowed by a moving professional’s employer.

Now that you know some of the etiquette concerns of hiring a moving team, turn your attention to other factors of a successful move and breathe easier throughout the process.

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