LTL Shipping – The Affordable Answer

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Transportation and Logistics

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What is LTL Shipping?

LTL stands for “less than truckload”, and refers to any amount or number of goods that is less than the amount required to fill a full sized shipping truck. When producers or retailers have less than a semi truck full of product to move, they can utilize LTL shipping to transport these raw materials or goods. Because of the trend toward customized shipping options, many more companies are choosing to ship via these methods.

LTL rates are, by nature, lower than the costs of transporting larger, full truckload shipments. Companies who offer LTL shipment services do so by combining these smaller loads onto one truck, much the way a typical postal truck or parcel service does. This allows for multiple clients to be serviced at one time.

Advantages of Choosing LTL

There are numerous benefits to selecting less than truckload shipping. These advantages serve not only the companies that move goods, but their recipients and customers. Some of these perks include:

  • Lower cost, due to fewer resources needed during transport. Only a fraction of the overall cost of shipping falls to each individual client, which also helps keep rates low.
  • Faster delivery times, since trucks are typically lighter and have fewer logistics – such as weigh-ins and stops – to deal with.
  • Prompt shipping times, as clients are not waiting until they have enough content to require full truckload shipping.
  • Flexibility, afforded by smaller shipments and customizable size ranges, typically anywhere from 150 to 10,000 pounds.
  • Peace of mind, granted by the knowledge that goods transported via LTL shipping are packaged and handled more carefully, and average far less damage in transit than those shipped in larger quantities.

For all of these reasons, many companies choose LTL shipment for moving their products, transporting materials and small machinery, and the ultimate goal of keeping their content – whatever it may be – within reach of the customer.