Modern Solutions for Heavy Equipment Haulers

by | Dec 8, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

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 Shipping large and oversized loads can be very expensive and time consuming. In fact, heavy equipment haulers have a lot to consider before taking to the road. If your business needs to ship large equipment on a regular basis, you may wish to consider a more efficient method. This is why many companies are turning to third party logistic services.

What is Third Party Logistics?

Third party logistics or 3PL management can be different things to different companies. Here are some of the things 3 PL can do for you:

  • Lower shipping costs – by contracting with many different carries your 3PL can get you some of the best shipping rates in the country.

  • More shipping options – a good 3 PL has access to many different kinds of shipping carriers and they can find you the best deals with heavy equipment haulers, full trailer loads and LTL shipping.

  • Warehousing -. the right 3 PL company can help you find the best solutions for storing and shipping your goods. This includes warehouse managing services too.

  • Distribution – maybe you have the need for more than one storage facility. If so, you can receive professional assistance with these matters.

  • Consolidating freight – with proper management, you can often save on shipping costs with freight consolidation.

Why Can’t I Do It Myself?

If you handle all of your logistic needs, you can save money, right? In other words, why hire an outside service? Doing it yourself is not always the most cost effective and efficient method. For example, you need to know everything there is to know about shipping from hiring the right heavy equipment haulers to making sure you have an efficient warehouse operation. By hiring professionals, you eliminate the need for all this training and knowledge and can reap the benefits of decades of experience.