Moving with Spot: How to Make a Major Move with Pets

by | Mar 8, 2013 | Moving_Services

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If you are like many Delaware natives, you probably own a pet. While pets can be one of the delights of your life, when you are moving in Wilmington, they can be a big hassle. Not only are they something else to worry about, you love them and know they won’t understand what is going on or the transition they are about to make. Help make a move easier for your pet with a few simple solutions.

They say that cats are cold and aloof, but if you’re a cat owner, you know this simply isn’t the case. Cats can be extremely sensitive and moving in Wilmington can be more upsetting for them than for you. Prepare ahead of time by getting an extra large carrier, and make sure your cat is familiar with the carrier before moving day. Start out by just putting it in the same room as your cat, and a few days before the move, try putting her in it while still at home. That way, she won’t panic when she goes in it on the big day. As a precaution, get some sedatives from your vet. If she just can’t get used to the carrier, you can calm her down for the long road trip.

Moving with dogs is much easier. Dogs love to ride in the car! Still, your dog will not be used to long car rides, so if you are moving across country, take your pup in the car more often to get him used to it. Bring chew toys and bones for him. After all, dogs get bored on long car rides, too. If you are just moving locally in Wilmington, familiarize your dog with the new neighborhood a few times before you actually move in.

Moving in Wilmington with fish is a unique prospect. It’s not like your fish will get carsick, but how in the world do you carry a fish tank across country? If you have a large tank, consider getting several smaller ones for transport. You may choose to use plastic boxes instead, as these will not break. If you decide to carry the tank with you, make sure it is wrapped in bubble wrap to protect it from breaking, and take out all decorations and loose pieces. If they come unmoored with a sudden movement of the car, it could hurt the fish badly.

If you are taking birds with you when you move, check the state laws. Some bird species are not allowed to cross borders. This is more common internationally, but there are a few instances at state borders, as well. Also check with hotels on your route to see if birds are allowed. Not all hotels that allow dogs and cats will be quite as accommodating with feathered creatures. Make sure you have a proper cage for travel. If you have more than one bird, put smaller ones together and larger ones with each other. If possible, put each one in a separate cage. Make sure the cages don’t glare too much in the sun, and leave plenty of air circulation.

Moving in Wilmington can be a bit challenging when you have pets. But with the proper care and procedures, your pets will soon shake off the rigors of travel and be happy and content in their new home.

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