Preparing To Move House

by | Apr 26, 2013 | Moving and Relocating, Moving_Services

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It has been said that next to a death in the family, moving house is the most stressful time for a family. Moving is dreaded, but, there are a few things that can be done to make it run a little smoother and perhaps be a little more pleasant. The greatest way to at least reduce the stress of moving is to contact the NJ movers early, do not put off the preparation for the move until it’s too late. Approach the whole exercise with a dose of pragmatism and an upbeat attitude and you already have won half the battle.

When moving with NJ movers there are two issues of importance; one is the move from your old home and the other is the move to your new home. Begin the process by starting with your old home. Moving to a new location does not come as a surprise; most people have plenty of advance notice that a move is going to take place. As soon as the move has been confirmed, begin the preparations, the longer you have the less stress you will place yourself under. By starting early, you can dedicate a little time everyday instead of trying to do the whole thing in a hurry.


Get rid of any junk and ballast that you have; get rid of anything that needs to be replaced or is not being used. Ballast includes anything that you don’t want and have been meaning to get rid of but it has simply been neglected. Take one room at a time, go through it thoroughly and be ruthless. Give yourself a couple of weeks to completely de-junk the house.

You will be amazed at what you find. There will be old toys that the children have long grown out of, dishes that you have no intention of ever using and so on. Pack all of this up and call your favorite charity or the Salvation Army. Your home will be less cluttered and you will feel good that perhaps some of what you consider to be ballast can find a new home.

Pack as you go:

You know the date that the NJ movers will be arriving. One of the nice things about the de-junking process is that you can pack as you go along. The items that you are not disposing of but are rarely used, things like photo albums, they can be packed as you go along. When there is no panic, packing can actually be fun, put on some music, wrap and pack slowly, you are under no pressure. Mark the box as to what room it came from and list it on your packing list.

As you finish a room, just put the cartons in the corner, the NJ movers will load them once they arrive.