Price Options For A Parcel Service From India To The USA

by | Jan 12, 2015 | Uncategorized

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Most people use the postal office to send items, but if you are sending items from India to the USA, you will likely require the use of an international parcel service. You’ll find that these services are usually higher in price than other options, but that is for a good reason. In most cases, sending items overseas requires more taxes and fees, which will raise the price. There can also be other reasons for the higher prices.

Types Of Charges

Most people shy away from couriers because they aren’t sure why the price is higher. If you find that you need to send something internationally and are leery of a parcel service because of their prices, you should consider what you get for the price.

Foreign shipments of anything require extra taxes and fees. The items must go through customs, which is why the price is a little higher, because most couriers will expedite the customs process by packing items properly and sending the correct paperwork with the items.

Though the USA doesn’t typically require a signature to deliver the item, many couriers do require a signature for a more secure delivery. This ensures that the item you sent gets to the correct recipient.

Along with everything else, a courier offers insurance on everything they ship, whether you request such or not. This is beneficial to you because if something happens, you will be paid the amount of the item, along with shipping in most cases. Insurance is just one more security measure provided by a parcel service to ensure that you are satisfied with your courier.


By having the parcel service pack your items and fill out the paperwork, you ensure that the items are packed and sent properly, and you will be required to pay a little more to have that luxury. While you may want to save a little bit of money and do it yourself, many couriers do not allow that because they offer guarantees for the item’s arrival, which could be changed due to the paperwork being filled out improperly or having the wrong paperwork accompanying your items.

More time is used to acquire a signature for the package before allowing the recipient to take it from the delivery person. While not much more time is involved, it does cost a little extra for the added security it brings.