Questions To Ask Moving Companies In McDonough GA

by | Feb 8, 2017 | Moving_Services

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Moving to a new home can be a very big, very stressful job. Many people who are planning a move hire a moving company. Some do this because they don’t have a truck to move their things. Others do so because they cannot find a friend or family member to help them move. Some people just don’t want to do the heavy lifting that is necessary during a move. Whatever the reason the person is hiring a moving company, they should make sure that they hire the best person for the jobs. To do this, there are a few questions that they should ask first.

How Do They Charge

When a person is looking into Moving Companies in McDonough GA, they should find out how the company charges their customers. Some moving companies charge by the hour. Some charge by the number of rooms that the furniture needs to be moved. Finally, some companies will charge by exactly what is being moved.

How Many Truck and People Will Be Coming

It is important for a person to find out how large the truck will be that the company will be using. If it isn’t going to be big enough, they should find out if the company will send two trucks. This is especially true if the company charges by the hour. Taking two trips can take much longer than getting it done all in one trip. Also, the more people they send to do the job, the less time it will take. This is information that the individual would need.

Are They Insured?

It is important that an individual only hires a company who has insurance. If something were to happen and the person’s personal property or the interior of the home is damaged during the move, the moving company should take responsibility. If they have insurance, they will have no problem doing this. If not, it can be a hassle to get reimbursed for the damages.

Are the Employees Properly Trained?

It is a good idea that the moving company that a person hires has employees who are properly trained. Anyone can lift a few boxes. However, it takes training to know how to properly carry heavy items and pack a truck so that nothing gets broken.

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