Services Available from Beaumont Heavy Duty Towing Companies

by | Mar 24, 2014 | Transportation

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When most people think about the services of tow truck companies, they think of two things: helping people when they are broken down or have had an accident and their vehicles can’t be driven; and towing away vehicles that are illegally parked. Many people may be quite surprised to learn that tow companies offer a number of other important services for customers. When a vehicle needs to be towed for repairs, the owners can ride along in the tow truck and not be stuck without transportation to the auto shop.

One of the services offered by Beaumont heavy duty towing companies is transporting larger vehicles, such as RV’s. A tow truck can easily move these vehicles from one place to another, and make sure that they get to their required destinations quickly and safely. This is known as Class B towing. Tow companies also offer winching services, which is quite dangerous for those who do not know what they are doing. They can hook a vehicle that is stuck up to a winch, and pull it out and get it right back on the road.

Most people, at one time or another, has managed to lock their keys inside their vehicles. Another service offered by Beaumont heavy duty towing companies is a locksmith service. They have the right tools to be able to get into pretty much any type of vehicle, quickly and easily, which include lock picking tools that are very high-tech, and are only available to professionals such as tow truck drivers.

If someone needs a boost because their battery has died, they can contact their local towing company to give them a jump start. While drivers should always carry jumper cables with them, many do not, so this is a service that can come in pretty handy. The two truck driver connects the car battery to the truck battery with heavy duty jumper cables, and get vehicles moving again. If a vehicle runs out of gas, a call to a tow company can result in gas delivery. For more information about these and other services offered, visit