The Benefits of Using a Self Storage Unit for a Variety of Purposes

by | Nov 9, 2013 | Moving_Services

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Today’s families have more things than ever, and it’s not uncommon to run out of room for some of it. People are also finding it necessary to move for jobs, family caretaking, or the military. The move may often be on a short-term basis, so there is no need to pack up all of one’s possessions to move them for what may only be less than year spent at a particular location with the intention of coming back. In cases like these, it is useful to rent a Self Storage Unit.

Because of the demand, many businesses offer Self Storage Unit rental. But not all of these providers are the same. Before packing up your possessions and hauling them off to a storage rental company, be sure to do your homework. You don’t want to pay a monthly rental fee only to discover that the items stored in a unit were damaged or stolen.
Consider what you are storing and determine what size of unit you need. Some facilities will even store a larger item such as a motorcycle, boat, or a vehicle. In most instances, you’ll want to use a facility that is climate controlled. Excess heat and cold have damaging effects on materials such as leather, plastic, paper, wood, metal, etc. In addition, the humidity in Michigan can contribute to the growth of mildew and mold. This occurrence may also be attractive to insects that can damage your stored items.

Security is also of prime importance. Choose a facility that has excellent lighting to deter thieves, and that restricts access. If there are limited hours, be sure that this does not affect your needs. Restriction is usually accomplished through the use of fencing around the property. A gate with an access panel will only allow authorized individuals onto the grounds. While video cameras are useful for security, it’s also an extra layer of protection to have a guard on the premises. Business Name has a caretaker who lives on land located by their storage facility. You use your own lock, and keep the key.