Tips for Interstate Moving in Austin, Texas

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Moving

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Packing up and moving to another state can be both exciting and stressful, no matter whether it is moving to the next state over or all the way across the country. Most people endure an interstate move at least once in their lives, so they may want to read these tips on Interstate Moving in Austin Texas to make things run a bit more smoothly.


Do not confuse intrastate with the interstate. Some people may think the terms are interchangeable, but nothing could be farther from the truth. In all actuality, intrastate means within the state and interstate means between states. Interstate moves almost always cost more than do intrastate moves, and they are governed by a government agency known as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


Moving to another state is not the type of do-it-yourself project someone should take on without any experience. There are many fluctuating expenses the individuals will have to be responsible for that could be negated by simply hiring a company experienced in Interstate Moving in Austin Texas. Such costs as fuel, insurance, and the dangers of personal injury that can happen when moving large items are all factors that many people do not consider when attempting to move to another state by themselves.


One good thing about hiring an experienced interstate moving company is that they are not paid by the hour. The cost of the move will be solely determined by the distance the truck must travel, the total weight of the items being moved, and the “extras” the customer orders, such as packing or unpacking services. This way, the customer can have their fears of workers trying to “milk the clock” alleviated because their pay is not determined by the clock but by the project.

If the time has come to move to a different stat, due to a job or any other reason, be sure to hire an established company such as Olympia Moving & Storage. They will make sure everything is handled professionally and safely. Don’t take on the stress of trying to move, let the pros do it. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.