Truck Tire Sales and Long-Distance Trips

What sorts of emergencies do you plan for when doing a cross-country or long-distance trip as a professional driver? Mechanical issues are one problem you try to avoid, and you may even have the numbers of the best repair shops along the route loaded into your phone. You probably also have your journey mapped out with the best fueling stations, truck stops, and other essential stops identified on the map or somewhere in your plans. What about options for truck tire sales and service?

Towing and Delays
One of the most financially punishing issues to occur to any truck driver is for them to lose one or more tires while on the road. This can mean a lengthy delay as they wait for a tow and a repair. Even just locating the right provider is a time-consuming issue, and it is why a lot of experienced drivers also add a list of companies that offer 24-hour road service and tire repairs or replacements. In fact, many look for firms that do fixes and replacements right on the road.

Not Always Authorized
The problem with emergency truck tire sales is that not all services are authorized to operate on some of the major routes. This is because there can be safety issues associated with a major repair right along a turnpike or freeway. It is important for the truck driver to have accurate information about their options. The good news is that you can take the time to find reputable firms that do have the authority to come out at any time, and even on the busiest roadways to change tires and make repairs.

When in the East
If you are going to travel the East Coast, it is likely that you are going to find yourself in New Jersey. It is a hub and common spot for big rig traffic, and yet it can also be a very challenging spot to encounter trouble. This is particularly true of the New Jersey Turnpike. Rather than running the risk of waiting around for a tow (and paying for it), you will want to find options for repairs and truck tire sales in New Jersey with authority to provide services on the “Pike.” B&L Recovery & Towing is one of the few NJ Turnpike authorized providers of tire road services and should be on your phone’s speed dial any time you are passing through this busy state.

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