Types of Boat Dealers in Houston Texas

Owning a new boat is a dream come true for most people. After all, what could be better than having your own boat to set sail whenever you’d like. In order to make this dream a reality, most people will begin with a search through the local boat dealer in Houston Texas. The most important thing to remember while on this search is that all boat dealers are not the same. In fact, there are several types of dealers out there.

Private Sales

As the name would suggest, private sellers are personal boat owners who are looking to unload their boat for one reason or another. You can typically get a great deal on a boat from these types of boat dealers; however, you have to perform some research on your part to verify the condition of the boat is the same as the seller is quoting.

Commercial Sellers

Commercial sealers are those who don’t really have access to a large inventory of boats at any given time; however, they can typically get what it is you’re looking for. Commercial sellers tend to be more knowledgeable than a private seller, but not quite at the level of a professional broker; however, the level of knowledge they have is beyond satisfactory. The most important thing to consider about boat dealers that are considered commercial sellers is their price markup. While a markup is only fair in business, it will take some research on your part to ensure that the boat you are looking at is not significantly overpriced.


While anyone can encounter a broker, most people typically don’t cross paths with a broker unless they are on a search for a larger boat. In most cases, brokers don’t really deal in the handling of smaller boats. However, it still doesn’t hurt to seek out a broker, even if you are in the market for a smaller boat. Brokers can be of great assistance to you not just because they are typically more trustworthy than other types of boat dealers in Houston Texas, but they have more knowledge about the different options available and they can typically get you a great price.

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