Using International Parcel Delivery Services Saved the Day

by | Apr 15, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

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From a birthday gift sent overnight to your grandmother in the United States to that care package you meant to send your sister studying in Ireland, international parcel delivery services should be fast, trustworthy, and affordable. One after the other, parcels pile up on the kitchen counter, ready to be shipped but long forgotten. Too soon the latest possible date for their shipment arrived, and it seemed that none of these neglected packages would find their way to their destination. A quick and informative search online, however, can save the day without breaking your wallet!

In order to find the best international delivery service, you must first be willing to shop around for more than the first low price you see. More often than not, your package needs fast and safe delivery, and a service that can all but guarantee safe delivery is key. Do not run away when a service says that it is based in a country that outside of your own, as this only means that its headquarters is located in that country.

Delivery Options Available for Everyone

The most trustworthy international parcel delivery services offer you a multitude of options when it comes to your needs. Whether your needs include sending important documents and parcels, cargo, air freight, or nearly any other item, your shipment will be taken care of with the utmost care and attention. Look for the services that work closely with reputable shipping companies, as these companies do not choose their affiliates lightly. In addition to being fast and affordable, a delivery service must also provide courteous customer service and operate with your specific needs in mind rather than its own.
The best delivery services have expert level experience with customs clearance, and offer real-time online tracking and more in order to make your experience a pleasant one from start to finish.

How to Know if Your Delivery Service Is Worth it

One perfect indicator of a good delivery service is the complication behind the actual shipment of your item. Why should it take hours wasted on the phone just to get the package set up for delivery? A customer service associate should always be available in order to streamline your order from start to finish, with time on the phone and potentially days of shipping time saved in the process. Any item you wish to ship, such as that old antique that has collected dust for years in the corner of your parlor, should take no time at all to get packaged, shipped, and delivered. Even the homemade cookies your child has begged for all semester should arrive as fresh as if they were leaving the oven.