Various Transportation Options In Minneapolis

by | Feb 26, 2013 | Vehicles

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People who are excited about traveling know very well about the fact that choosing the right option for transportation from and to the airport in Minneapolis is very important just like choosing the right flight. If you are not cautious in choosing the appropriate transportation service in Minneapolis, you may have to send a lot while getting inside the town as you did for the flight that brought you to the city or you might get stuck in some time consuming options. Though there are many ground transportation options, but you need to analyze the airport transportation options at Minneapolis seriously to work out the best and affordable ones. Some of the options are as follows:

Public transportation: Airport of Minneapolis is pretty well linked with public transport facilities like local railways and buses. You can choose from these options easily, these are very cheap and everyone can easily afford them. But you should also consider the fact that to take advantage of this mode, you might have to travel a little bit more with the heavy baggage in your hands. Getting public transportation facilities is very cheap but it is not suitable for people who give importance to luxury and time.

Shuttles: There are many car services and shared ride services that you can choose from, at the airport of Minneapolis. These shuttles are shared by others like other public transportation modes, but they are very comfortable. It is certainly one of the best and affordable options that you can choose to visit tourist spots around the city at affordable prices. For instance, you can spend some money for a trip to beach each way up to 3 passengers if you pay in cash. The charges may go up if you are using credit cards to pay.

Taxi: Taxis are one of the most commonly used airport transportation in Minneapolis. You can find a taxi stand at the airport easily, and hire one for your transportation requirements. One of the best benefits of hiring taxis is that you don’t have to share your ride with someone else. Fares of these taxis are not very high and so you can enjoy your ride easily within the city. There are various taxi services that have been licensed by transport authorities to cater different area. Their rates may vary but there won’t be much difference.

Car Rental: Renting a car is definitely the most luxurious options as it is one of the most expensive modes of airport transportation. The well-known car rental providers offer best services and range of top cars to choose from. The best part of taking advantage of car rental services is that you can travel in most expensive cars and make special entry and exit everywhere. Though the services are little bit expensive, but you can book them in advance to avail special packages and deals offered by the companies.

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