What is roadside assistance?

by | Jun 14, 2021 | Towing Service

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Roadside assistance is a service that is rendered to a motorist who has encountered a mechanical failure or a breakdown while on the road. The majority of full coverage automobile insurance includes this and it is available through many motor clubs. In many cases a credit card company will include roadside assistance as will the dealer of a new vehicle.

Any driver can encounter a host of problems while away from home and driving on any roadway. Some of the problems are flat tires, dead battery, getting locked out of the car, out of fuel or mechanical failure of some sort. In situations such as this the vehicle owner can contact the company that he or she is contracted with to offer roadside assistance in El Paso TX, the company in turn will contact a local service provider, often a towing company who will go to the scene and offer assistance. The assistance that is rendered is dependent on the problem.

If the problem is a simple flat tire a contractor for the road assistance company will arrive and change the tire. In the event there is no spare tire or the spare is an unserviceable Pantusa Towing will take the owner to a facility to have the flat tire repaired. In most cases the car owner is responsible for the cost of the tire repair but the transport is part of the roadside assistance package.

Often a vehicle will experience a mechanical breakdown while on the road; in a case like this the roadside assistance provider will send a tow truck to the scene to recover the vehicle, transporting both it and the owner to a repair shop. Although the owner has to bear the cost of the repairs including any parts and labor the transport of the vehicle is part of the assistance package.

A common problem is locking the keys in the car; in a case like this the keys can be recovered. There are manufacturer approved tools available to most locksmiths; these tools will allow entry to the car. Locking the keys in the car is one thing, losing the keys is something altogether different.

A professional locksmith will have to re-key the ignition. The vehicle owner has to pay for the services of the locksmith and the new key set but not the dispatch of the locksmith.

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