Who Can Put Storage Services in Fort Myers FL to Good Use?

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Moving and Storage Service

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Having some extra storage space comes in handy in all sorts of situations. Fortunately, there are professionals who offer storage services in Fort Myers FL for just about any amount of time the customer needs. Here are some scenarios that call for renting a storage unit.

Remodeling the Home

The plan is to completely rework the living and dining rooms. While the work is in progress, the furnishings will have to go somewhere. There’s no room in the garage, and the homeowner is not crazy about the idea of cramming the furniture into other areas of the house. One solution is to contact one of the Storage services in Fort Myers FL and arrange to rent a unit for a month. This approach ensures the furniture is in a safe place but does not make it more difficult to keep using the other rooms of the house.

The Sale Went Through

The owner did not expect the home to sell so quickly after it went on the market. Since the new owners are anxious to take possession, that means getting out of the place as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the house the owner planned on moving to won’t be ready for a couple of months.

In the interim, find a small place to rent on a month-to-month basis. Take along enough to make the place comfortable and put the rest in storage. That makes it easier to finish the closing, get the money, and know the belongings are secure until it’s time to move them to the new place.

Settling an Estate

A loved one passed away and the executor is charged with selling the home and distributing the furnishings in compliance with wishes provided in documents prepared in advance by the deceased. The house sells quickly, but it will be some time until all of the furniture can be picked up by the lucky recipients. Place it all in storage so the sale can be completed. In the best-case scenario, all of the furniture and other items will be distributed over the next six months.

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