Who is Qualified to Apply to CDL Schools in Illinois?

CDL drivers have an almost endless amount of opportunities and earning potential. It is a growing field of work that is consistently looking for fresh talent. The benefits include so much more than just a paycheck. Commercial drivers have freedom, the potential to be somewhere new every day and a unique work environment that enables them to consistently meet new people. Of course, there are restrictions about who is able to take on this type of work.

Meeting Age Requirements

Drivers must be at least 18 to receive their license after completing training courses at CDL Schools in Illinois and they must be at least 21 to haul hazardous materials for interstate travel. There is no legal limit for the maximum age of a driver. Trucking companies are allowed to require their drivers have a specific amount of experience in order to ensure they are prepared for the road and there are restrictions based on health and ability.

Passing Physical Exams

CDL drivers must pass a DOT physical each year unless a health issue like high blood pressure, diabetes or another concern is found. This could mean additional exams or a release from a personal physician is needed. Drivers must be able to pass a hearing and vision test, pass a drug screening and have no previous DUIs for drugs or alcohol within the last five years. Physical exams also require people to have no mobility issues that would prevent proper operation of the vehicle.

Undergoing Background Checks

Criminal records and citizenship are additional concerns. Past felonies will not prevent someone from receiving their CDL as long as their crime was not related to commercial or passenger vehicles. Only citizens, permanent residents and nationals can hold a CDL that allows them to perform interstate travel. CDL Schools in Illinois will allow non-citizens with a valid employment authorization document (EAD) to receive a “non-domiciled” CDL.

Anyone meeting all of these requirements will have to take the first step of signing up for a driving course. Registering at places like Star Truck Driving School could mean embarking on a new career within a matter of months. The courses are scheduled to make it possible for people transitioning from other careers to continue working while learning their new profession. Find out more about this opportunity today.

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