3 Reasons to Consider Using the Airport Express in Kahului

by | Nov 27, 2014 | Transportation and Logistics

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So you have finally saved up enough money to go on that great vacation to Hawaii, or you may be traveling on business. No matter what the reason is for your travels, you want to be able to fully enjoy the time you spend in this tropical paradise. Here are a few key reasons to use the Airport Express in Kahului as opposed to using other methods of transportation.

It’s Better than a Rental

When you rent a car, there are several things you have to deal with. The biggest problem is that you are not native to the area, so you have no idea where anything is. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get somewhere on time, and having no clue as to where you are going. You also have to worry about gas money and paying for extra things like insurance and parking fees.

It’s Better than a Cab

If you know anything about the Hawaiian Islands, you know many of the street names look like half of the alphabet all in one word. Imagine trying to tackle a few of those street names while trying to explain to the cabbie where you are trying to go. Most of them will be honest, but not having the native advantage does leave you open to being taken advantage of. Your cab driver could be taking the scenic route to run up the meter and you would never know it.

You Don’t Need a Designated Driver

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you are sure to partake in a party or two with an optional libation. If you choose to partake of a special thirst quencher that features a pineapple or coconut shell garnished with an umbrella, you don’t have to worry about getting behind the wheel. The Airport Express in Kahului will make sure you get the door to door service you need.

If you live in a big city, letting someone else do the driving can be a huge relief. You can take your mind off of the small details and the traffic jams for a few days. If you have questions about why you should Choose VIP Trans of Kahului, Click here to learn more.