What International Removal Companies Should Do

by | Nov 26, 2014 | Transportation

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If you don’t know what international removal companies do, you’re not alone. Most people are unsure of what their purpose is and end up doing the work themselves or using some other packing company. A removal company comes into your home, packs up your items and places them on the truck. If it is an international company, they will likely place those items on a ship or airplane and the items will be picked up and taken to your new home.

The reason for needing international removal companies is moot. Most people tend to have a job that requests they transfer to another country to do more good there. Most of these people bring along their families and their belongings, sell their home and move somewhere else. Some companies will request a move to a foreign country for a short time, but most want liaisons in foreign branches of the company.

Choosing Carefully

It is important to remember that these removal companies will be handling your personal items. This includes bedding, mattresses, antiques, heirlooms, expensive items and more. Choosing a reputable international removal company is necessary to ensure that your items do not become stolen or lost.

You should also consider what you are moving and why. Some things are common sense, such as clothing, desks, computers and large furniture. However, it may be easier to purchase new items in your new location instead of transporting them from one country to another.

Storage Needs

Many removal companies will also store items for a limited amount of time. This is extremely helpful if your new home is not quite ready, but your old home has been sold. While this doesn’t often happen, it can and you need to ensure that your stuff has a place to stay until it can be moved properly.

In some cases, your family may be put up in a comfortable hotel until your new home is ready or until the move is finalized. Again, clothing and other personal items may go with you, but large items will need to be stored.


Most international removal companies prefer to pack up your items themselves. While you may want to feel in control and do it on your own, they know the type of travel your items will endure and may need to have more security inside their boxes, so ask ahead of time whether they want to pack everything or if you should.