How to Get Cheap and Quality International Courier Services

by | Nov 21, 2014 | Transportation & Logistics

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When most people think of cheap, they think of poor-quality service or items that are hardly worth the small amount of money spent on them. However, there is a way to get cheap international courier services that are of high-quality, if you understand the market a little and know how to ask for the services you need.

Because it is so expensive to send the items you must send, you will likely require international couriers that are effective and cheap.


One of the easiest and best ways to get cheap courier services is to take advantage of the discounts available through the courier. Quality couriers often offer many various types of discounts so that you will want to use their services and continue using them.

Cheap couriers offer these steep discounts because they buy postage slots from delivery agencies. Many corporations purchase bulk postage and sell what they don’t require to the public for less than they paid. Couriers will buy up those extra bulk postage slots and then sell them to you for less than what the corporations paid and less than traditional couriers or shipping companies could do.

Flat Rates

Most international couriers offer flat rates for specific sizes or weights. If you can keep your shipment confined to those weights and sizes, you can ship the items for less. Find out what the rates are for specific size boxes and then try to fit everything you want to ship into those boxes safely and carefully. This can save you a lot of money, making the courier cheaper than other options.


Cheap international couriers are often ignored by large businesses and many individuals because people feel that if they don’t spend a certain amount, it isn’t quality. However, this just adds the benefits to those who find cheap courier services with quality customer care, because those couriers are more willing to do whatever it takes to keep your business. While this does include offering discounts, it can also mean free packing, free tracking and more.

Business often set up contracts with cheap couriers because they can agree on a price for the duration of the contract, and even if the courier’s prices go up, the business’s rates remain the same. This is a helpful trick for companies who ship a lot of items to foreign countries and hate the added price that goes with it.