Factors to Consider When Shipping Heavy Equipment in Miami

by | Jun 10, 2015 | Transport companies‎

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Shippers need to consider the weight and size of their equipment before they transport it to another city or state. They will have to arrange for a heavy equipment transport after assessing the materials they want to relocate. They could be part of the farming, mining, and construction industry. In those industries, having a reliable company to take good care of their materials during the move is pertinent.

If you want to forge a long lasting relationship with company you choose to handle the shipment of your products, you will need to tell them about the products they will be required to move back and forth regularly, in order to gain competitive advantage by benefit from backhauls, as well as volume-pricing treatment

Before you begin to wonder which company you should go with, I want to step in to tell you about the company I went with when I needed to move heavy equipment. My choice was 1a transportation group, a reliable company that immediately connects you to a reliable carrier, backed up by all the group expertise, and accountability when handling over the road shipping.

The factors you need to consider before arranging a professional heavy equipment transport in Miami include:

  1. Weigh the Materials

As you know, industrial machinery is extremely heavy, large, and at times, dangerous. You need to tell the transport company exactly on what you intend to transport and its overall weight and complete dimensions. Only after that, they will be able to recommend you the type of vehicle needed to carry it. They might need to employ different types of equipment as well such as a flatbed, step decks, lowboys, multi-axle trailers, amongst others.

  1. Prep the Equipment for Transport

Do not make the mistake of thinking you do not have to do anything other than arrange for a transport company. If you are transporting industrial equipment over the road, you need to take extra precaution and take the necessary steps to ensure that the transporter completes the job successfully. This includes but is not limited to: Appropriate packaging, Labeling lifting points and handling considerations, clear handling instructions, amongst others. Therefore, for instance, you need to drain all fluids out, disconnect batteries, and secure loose parts. Things that plays out an important factor while shipping over dimensional freight are, weather, road conditions, state and federal regulations, etc.

  1. Insure Your Equipment

You need to insure your equipment in case of damage, as not all carriers take the responsibility of any damages incurred to your machinery during the move. Get a policy that specifically reimburses you for damages and loss of equipment, don’t leave it at faith.

Do you want to get in contact with a reliable and dependable transportation company? Well, now you can. Contact 1A Transportation Group, tell them your requirements, and let them match you with the best carrier to fit your needs.