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by | Jun 2, 2015 | Transportation and Logistics

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Well-made steel shipping containers have long been used to transport goods by sea. In recent years, businesses like Mobile on Demand Storage of NY Inc began re-purposing the giant metal boxes and turning them into portable storage units. The successful idea has expanded to the point where clients are renting the movable units when they are moving, for use as construction offices and more.

Portable Container Service Is Convenient

Clients often rely on experts like Mobile on Demand Storage of NY Inc when they need convenient storage solutions. Container specialists provide free estimates, fast service, and a range of options. Just as their names imply, on demand storage companies respond immediately and deliver units of any size to any location. Technicians transport containers on trucks and set them up for customers. The mobile spaces can be rented for a few days or several months.

Mobile Storage Providers Solve Dozens of Problems

Portable containers are available in enough sizes and types to meet almost any temporary storage need. The sturdy units include anti-theft padlocks, steel construction, ventilation, and double doors. Clients can choose from 10, 20, and 40-foot modules. Portable, on-demand offices, are often used during construction projects. Contractors also frequently have mobile shanties delivered to work sites so that tools and equipment can be kept safe from theft and weather. Homeowners or businesses use the containers for temporary storage when they are relocating. Climate-controlled units can maintain perishables at freezing temperatures and are ideal for businesses that need extra cooling units.

MODS Businesses Are Moving Experts

The companies that provide storage units also specialize in coordinating and expediting moves. They will relocate their own containers or permanent mobile offices, trailers, and other containers. Professionals use flatbeds and cranes to rig and safely transport even the most difficult spaces. They also relocate freight using their containers.

On demand, storage experts provide space solutions using modified versions of marine shipping containers. Specialists have adapted the safe, versatile units for use as mobile offices, freezers, tool sheds, overflow storage, and more. Containers are adapted for client needs, delivered quickly, and relocated as needed.

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