Facts About Instantaneous IRP Permits Online Ohio

by | Apr 2, 2015 | Transportation and Logistics

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Getting a fuel permit for commerce travel requires a bit of red tape and deliberating. Procrastinators may face a bit of trouble when they are days away from an important trip and still holding off signing for their IRP Permits Online Ohio. Fortunately, there is an option for them. Below are some important details for receiving the permit, and what to keep in mind when traveling across the state.

The permits are necessary for traveling through the state for commercial purposes. It is needed if the total weight exceeds 26,000 pounds. Commonly, drivers require it if they are using a truck, trailer or bus for travel. The permit itself is actually very affordable. The Instant Permit option asks for $15 for the Ohio permit.

IRP Permits Online Ohio are only active for 72 hours. This is perhaps the only flaw in using a quick online permit for Ohio. When using a traditional office, the permits can be requested for a longer period of time. These requests are sometimes denied for new businesses, or individuals that do not have all the business paperwork. Individuals going on quick commercial trips can have no problems with the 72-hour limit. Keep in mind that the limit is only active for that state. The driver could still be traveling if 72 hours have passed. As long as they are out of the state within that time frame, there will be no issues. View website for more info about the IRP permits online in Ohio.

Penalties exceed the $15 fee by a large margin. Ohio penalties are usually $250. The penalty depends on the severity of the travel. For example, a truck at just 26,000 pounds may garner a $100 penalty. A truck with high-end luxury items adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars could face a great penalty. Combine that with an inventory in excess of 27,000 pounds, and there may be serious financial repercussions of $500 or more.

Visit us website holds to its name well. Permits are available in Louisiana, Florida, and Ohio. Individuals can receive a normal functioning fuel permit for Ohio in a matter of minutes. The permits have all the same features as a more traditional permit obtained through regular channels.