How Do Transportation Logistics Companies Benefit Businesses?

by | Apr 9, 2015 | Transportation and Logistics

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Growing and expanding businesses rely on quality transportation logistics companies. Oahu professionals at Landmark Logistics Corporation aim to deliver comprehensive long-distance importing/exporting services clients can depend on. From the initial shipment planning, to cargo space reservation, to door-to-door or foreign-to-foreign delivery services, dependable companies aim for meticulousness and client satisfaction every step of the way. Regardless of how simple or intricate your end-goals are, an adept team of professionals will put your needs first throughout the shipment process.

Accurate, Complete Documentation

Keeping track of important documentation for a national or international shipment can be a task in and of itself. Freight forwarders manage all sorts of documentation on behalf of their clients. It’s not atypical for a consolidator to keep tabs on NVOCC paperwork, such as bills of lading, risk management, and warehousing information. In addition, shipping companies handle other common documentation requirements involved in long-distance importing and exporting, such as customs and clearance, insurance paperwork, and ISF and AES/SED filings. This not only eliminates the hassle on your part, it also helps reduce the propensity for critical mistakes.

Reasonable, Fair Shipping Rates

While price alone doesn’t measure the quality of a logistics company, reasonable rates are always appreciated by clients. In a sense, transportation logistics companies act as intermediaries between clients and carriers – spelling out the costs as thoroughly as possible. Our team not only takes schedules and deadlines into account, but also special, additional requirements clients may have – depending on the materials being shipping. For example, if you’re shipping potentially harmful chemicals, or perishable food items, we’ll help you determine the associated costs before moving forward. Click here to know more.

Notifications and Customer Assistance

When transporting a large shipment of goods and products, it’s always reassuring to work with a company that provides consistent updates. Additionally, it’s even more comforting to be able to reach a professional should you have questions or concerns. Frequent communication and accessibility are marks of a dependable, quality logistics company. Worthwhile freight forwarders possess unwavering professionalism, problem solving capabilities, and attention to detail. It’s always best to put your trust in a company that will go the extra mile to keep you informed, and assist you wherever and whenever necessary.