How to Arrange for Long Distance Services With a Wrecker Company

by | Mar 19, 2015 | Transportation and Logistics

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While most people think of wrecker services as being there when your vehicle breaks down and leaves you stranded, they can also transport your vehicle long distances if you are moving and do not want to put unnecessary miles on it. If you never have thought of using a wrecker company for Long Distance Services, you may not know what to expect when you start shopping. The following will give you the knowledge you need to find a wrecker company you can trust, and help you prepare your vehicle for transport.

Make moving your car as easy as possible by arming yourself with the needed knowledge before you book you reservation.

Obtain a Quote and Insurance Information

The first step is to locate wrecker companies that provide assistance with long distance transport, and then gather a variety of quotes. This will help you better gauge an appropriate price for the service. You should also request copies of their liability insurance coverage, so you will know that they will have the ability to repair any damage they may cause during the transport of your vehicle.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Once you have hired a company, it is time to make your car. Make sure you remove any personal belongings, and provide the driver of the tow truck with an extra set of your keys should they need to access your car while it is in transit. You should also ensure that your windows are closed and that your vehicle is locked after it is loaded onto the wrecker.

Delivery of Your Vehicle

At the end of the move the wrecker driver will meet you at a pre-determined destination. Make sure you are on time and are ready to accept delivery of your vehicle and pay the remainder of your invoice. It is a good idea to inspect your vehicle after Long Distance Services, so you can hold them accountable to repair any damage that may have been done. Make moving your car a long distance easy by contacting the team at Spanky’s Wrecker Service. They will keep your car safe and ensure it arrives on time at an affordable price. Call them today to learn more, and see why more and more people are using a wrecker service to help them move their vehicles over long distances.