Questions To Ask Moving Services In Charlotte

by | Mar 5, 2015 | Moving and Relocating

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Wise consumers will spend time in getting to know the professionals they hire to complete their moving services in Charlotte. While many consumers do make comparison calls to obtain quotes or estimates for the move, learning more about the company during those calls is just as important.

Different moving services in Charlotte will offer different options for their customers to choose from over and above basic moving tasks. By talking to the company and asking about services and options it is possible to find just the services needed and still stay within the moving budget.

Types of Moves

Not all moving services in Charlotte offer the same types of moves. Some companies are strictly local or statewide while others are national. There are a few companies offering international moving as well. Companies offering long distance and global moving services in Charlotte are the larger multinational moving companies.

In addition to the specific location of the move, companies may also provide residential and commercial moving services. Since there are specific packing and moving requirements for each, hiring a company with specialized teams for each type of relocation is important.

Assistance Options

Taking advantage of the options to custom pack and unpack for both residential and commercial moving services in Charlotte is ideal for many businesses and families. Asking if this service is available and also about the methods used for packing will provide insight into the care and attention expected with the move.

Customer Support

Simply asking for customer support when using a company’s moving services in Charlotte can provide consumers with a wealth of information. Some companies provide very little in the way of support while others provide a moving coordinator to help with pre-move planning and assistance during the move.

Top companies offer the use of technology to help customers keep track of each step of a long distance move. Each customer is provided with a unique username and password allowing them to log online through a portal and check the location of their items on route between the departure and arrival points.

Asking for the services, as well as the cost estimate, for moving services in Charlotte is very helpful for the consumer in choosing the right moving company. While looking on a company website can be helpful, it is the positive personal interaction with the company representative which is most important.