How to Deal with Challenges of Corporate Moving Services

by | Feb 13, 2014 | Moving and Relocating

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Corporate moving is sometimes unavoidable. It may involve relocating to a new business premises, or to a new region altogether. When this happens, the company may have to hire corporate moving services to relocate its belongings to the next destination. However, before a company finally hires a corporate mover, it is important to have some points in mind that can enable it to hire the best mover to ensure that the process is carried out I a professional manner. Therefore, it is advisable to do your selection with the following tips in mind:

1. Cost: This is an important factor to consider in corporate moving process. Some moving companies may charge according to distance covered while others also have their own way of determining cost to their customers. Whichever method they use to charge for their moving services, it should be affordable to the customer. Choosing high end moving companies may not be the best idea, as well as choosing the cheapest moving company that will not give adequate attention to your belongings.
2. Credibility of the moving company: As a corporate body, there are important documents, safes, furniture, and other important belongings in your company. For that reason, you should work with a corporate mover who is skilled and experienced in handling such fragile and important possessions.
3. Accountability: Corporate moving services may involve relocating to a destination miles away from the previous one. During the moving process, everything is under the care of the moving company. Therefore, it is important that the moving company maintains a high level of accountability to handle and protect all the belongings in transit until they reach the intended station.

Moving to your next destination as a company can be a stressful process if you fail to choose the right company for corporate moving services. At the time of moving, many people are in dire rush to meet certain deadlines and this leads to making various moving mistakes. The following are some of the common mistakes companies make when they go about corporate moving process:
1. Failure to ask the right questions: Before you hire the mover, it is important to find out more about the company by asking the right questions. Failure to ask the right questions can lead to your disappointment at the last minute when the company you hired shows up in a rental truck instead of a registered moving fleet. To avoid such embarrassments and inconvenience, you need to ask about the company’s registration number, the rates and estimates for the job, and if there is any additional fee involved in the service.
2. Failure to involve more than one mover: Do not ever get a quotation from one mover, or else you can easily get a poor service with other corporate moving companies in the market. You can also end up paying more. It is important to get quotations from more than three moving companies for better comparison.
3. It is also important to get the mover visit your place first before the actual day. Minimizing these mistakes can save you a lot of expenses and disappointment.

Next time you are moving your company, it is important to keep these tips in mind.

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