How to Ship Your Art

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Moving Companies

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When you need to ship a piece of art across the country, you have a couple of options of how to do so. You could simply pack up the piece yourself, give it to the post office, and hope for the best. Unfortunately, doing so could be an extremely bad decision, as amateur packaging could cause your art piece to be damaged or broken upon arrival. It might cut into the cost a bit, but if your piece ends up being irreparably damaged, then the costs you incur will be much, much higher. Here are a few reasons that you should always trust a professional.

They Have Experience

When you’re packaging a piece of art, all you really have to go on is intuition. Use padding for a sculpture, protect the canvas of a painting, basic stuff. Problem is, that often isn’t enough to prevent some of the potential damages that can occur through shipping. A team that has been assuring artwork arrives at the destination safely for years will be able to make sure that your piece is packed away properly, competently, and safely.

They Provide Their Own Materials

What sort of thing would you use to ship a sculpture? Newspaper, perhaps? Bubble wrap? A company that ships artwork for a living will has their own packing materials on hand, and the specific materials vary for each specific job. Something like bubble wrap might be fantastic for packaging ceramics, but has a potential to damage wood. By utilizing the wider variety of materials that they have available, and the experience to know which to use for which job, they will be able to keep your art safer.

They Have Relationships

When you contract a company to ship for you, they take care of the whole deal. Not just packing it up, but also getting it on its way, dealing with all the aspects at every part of the transit. Since they do this all the time, they will know what companies are best able to safely ship your artwork, how to let them know what they need to be careful with, and they will be able to make sure that your art always gets there on time. Art shipping to New York from L.A. is a lot easier if it’s one of three such shipments that week.

In the end, you need to be safe with your artwork, and make sure you choose the right professional to ship it for you. For more information Visit Art Pack.