4 Ways to Improve LTL Transportation

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Transportation and Logistics

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Most warehouse workers know exactly how many pallets or cartons can fit into a 48 or 53-foot truck. This makes it easy to plan shipping. You know how many trucks you need and the process is smooth and fast. However, there may be times when you need a partial load shipped, so what can you do? LTL transportation provides some unique freight challenges and here are four tips to help improve the process.

1. The Cheapest Carrier May Not be the Best

Most companies want to save on shipping costs. In fact, freight is a major operating expense. However, you can get affordable rates if you take the time to check out your LTL transportation carriers more carefully. Rock bottom freight prices may come with some unwanted side effects. For example, you may have to deal with shipment delays or a driver might not show up when you need freight services. This can put you in an awkward position.

2. Stage and Load Your Shipments Properly

When an LTL carrier comes to your facility with a truck, it’s important to have everything staged beforehand. This not only saves time but it also ensures that the materials will be loaded in the truck properly. Staging should be supervised by someone with experience loading LTL shipments. This speeds up the process and helps avoid damaged cargo.

3. Use an LTL Carrier

Many carriers provide LTL transportation as a sideline. However, if you want the best service, use a carrier that has years of experience with LTL shipments and offers the best guarantees.

4. Consider Freight Management Services

Would you like to lighten the load on your staff and make LTL shipping more efficient? Freight management services do all the hard work for you. They check into carriers and find you the best companies with the lowest rates. This simplifies your job and makes you more efficient.