Keep on Truck Tracking

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Transportation

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Vehicle tracking, using GPS technology is a trend that is on the increase among many businesses. With the technology to track each vehicle a company can save thousands of dollars per year in lost revenue, due to unpermitted vehicle use and low employee productivity. Many companies see a large portion of their profits fly out of the window without even realizing the reasons, until they bring in some kind of tracking technology and sudden it all becomes clear. The employees have been using company vehicles for personal use, using the gas card to fill the company vehicles and costing the company money to things that they should be doing on their own dime.

Many companies also find out that employees will work a little slower and stay on the clock a little longer because there is no way to prove that they were not doing their work vigilantly. However, with GPS technology it is so much easier to instantaneously note where each vehicle is, how long it spends there, how long it takes to get to the next destination and other factors can keep their driver on their toes, so to speak.

A Moment Wasted

Let’s suppose your delivery driver has to go to a separate depot every morning to load up. They drive up there, pull, hop out of the truck and head for the office. The dispatcher gives the order to load up and while the driver waits they have a chat with the office staff, banter with the dispatcher, head over for a cup of coffee and a donut, chat with other drivers and then finally, about half an hour after they should have been on their way, they finally leave—all on the clock and costing your company money. The simple way to solve this is truck tracking in New York. You can track how long they spend in traffic or doing every small task and cut your wasted productivity hours by huge amounts. This is not to say that every single driver will always take advantage, but no doubt, there are some who will and it does cost you money. For an investment fee in a GPS tracker system you can eliminate most of your wasted hours and get your lost profits back on the books.