Local Movers In Manhattan Move The Most Precious Possessions

by | Nov 18, 2014 | Moving and Relocating

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Moving can be a stressful time for the entire family, and any help which will lighten the burden is appreciated. A professional moving company can be of tremendous help in planning a move by estimating how many boxes will be needed and what items require special handling. Some items may require a crate or a protective box. local mover in Manhattan are ready to help with these and other special needs.

Professionals can move pianos and organs of all types. All pianos are professionally wrapped with a blanket and shrink wrapped with adequate air vents. These items are placed on a piano dolly and safely delivered to your specified location in a fully enclosed, climate controlled truck. The lift gate ensures the piano is moved with zero risk.

Fine art and antiques will be packaged in crates designed to protect the valuable items. The highly skilled crate makers and master packers are well trained to handle every precious item with the greatest skill. These handlers are trained artisans who have many years of experience in their work.

The best packing materials are supplied by the Local movers in Manhattan to ensure your possessions are not stained or damaged in any way. Households can be supplied with bubble wrap and shrink wrap as well as heavy duty cartons. Any required packing material will be gladly supplied. A free guide on how to pack for moving is available to provide helpful hints.

Residents arranging for a move can count on same day pick-up and direct service to several cities on the east coast and in the Midwest. The service to Florida is non-stop from Manhattan. Delivery times are established with a high degree of confidence. The climate controlled trucks are sure to keep your possessions free from heat damage.

After every move, the trucks are completely cleaned and sprayed with insecticide to kill any unwanted pests. The staff will especially look for bedbugs, and they have an effective means of killing them if they are in the truck, and this keeps them out for a period of time. A representative from the moving company can visit with you and explain the cleanliness plan and how your home can best be moved for your comfort.

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