Making the Best Choice For Storage Services in Rochester, MN

by | Jul 22, 2016 | Moving and Relocating

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Many storage facilities offer units that are accessible only from the outside. This is convenient in some ways, but there are many negatives to consider when choosing this type of facility. The property in each unit is exposed to anyone passing by whenever the door is opened. There is no climate control, so even if the merchandise is sheltered it is not fully protected. In addition, everything in the unit is at risk to anything that is outside that may fly or blow into the interior while the door is open. This includes dust and dirt, pollen and insects. Over time this can lead to potential damage to the property the renter is paying to have protected.

With Storage Services Rochester MN residents have a variety of options available to them. There are units in a number of different sizes, outside units and climate controlled inside storage. Items that are only going to be stored for a few weeks are usually safe in any type of unit, but longer rentals or storage throughout months with a lot of precipitation or extreme temperatures need better protection.

Many people may not realize how vulnerable their property is without climate control and think only valuable antiques or artwork needs this protection. The truth is that nearly everyone should consider a controlled environment like Rochester Indoor Storage. Wood furnishings can warp in humid weather. Temperature fluctuations can lead to rust on appliances caused by condensation, and that same moisture causes damage to electronics and musical instruments too. Any type of paper including stamp collections, family photos or books need protection from high humidity, or they could easily become destroyed. Exposure to changing temperatures and humid conditions will cause ink to fade or discolor over time. Paper, leather, and cloth are also susceptible to mold when humidity is not controlled.

Paying to store possessions makes no sense if those items are not totally protected. With Storage Services Rochester MN residents have many options, but they are not all equal. Visit to learn more about the benefits of indoor storage. There are some very important reasons why this method is the only option people should use to protect their property.