Retrieve Keys from a Locked Car with Auto Unlock in Beaumont

by | Mar 15, 2013 | Transportation and Logistics

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There is nothing more frustrating than getting locked out of your own vehicle, especially if you are in a public space when it happens! With auto unlock in Beaumont you can get into your vehicle without using the key. However, there are some alternatives to auto unlock in Beaumont that you may want to consider before paying for this service. If this is a mistake that you make all too often you would benefit from disguising a spare key in a secure box on the exterior of the vehicle. Here are some things to consider before you contact a company for auto unlock in Beaumont.

Ruling Out Alternative Options

Don’t cause yourself even more of an inconvenience by paying for auto unlock in Beaumont that you don’t need, because there are some alternative options to consider first. Is your vehicle designed with the classic, old-style windows and doors? If so, you may be able to pull off the wire coat hanger trick. If this method does not work, examine the vehicle to see if any windows have been left open slightly. If you can slip the wire hanger through a crack in the window and put pressure on the smooth button, you can release the lock and drive your vehicle. If the trunk is still open, try to fold down the rear seat and access the keys in this way.

Digital Keys or Electronic Door Openers

You will stand a better chance at getting back inside your vehicle without the need for auto unlock in Beaumont if you own a newer vehicle. Why, you ask? Well, modern vehicles tend to be designed with digital keys and these keys are designed with a button. When pressed, the vehicle will be unlocked and you can go on your way. Electronic door openers are also very handy, as these gadgets will open the door with the touch of a button too.

Professional Assistance

If none of these tactics were successful then you would benefit from getting professional assistance for auto unlock in Beaumont. Always research the company background before paying the fee and make sure they boast positive customer testimonials. Can the company provide 24 hour services? This is a question you must ask because, who knows when you may need their help? Be sure to inquire about their technique for auto unlock and perform some research to make sure that they are licensed to do their job.

Once you get auto unlock in Beaumont you should contact a locksmith, who will be able to create a replica of your car key. Make sure you hide this replica away from the prying eyes of thieves, but in a place that you can easily access it if the problem were to happen again. To learn more about auto unlock and to get help with light/heavy duty towing, contact Spanky’s Wrecker Service.