What to Know About Auto Transport Services

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Transportation

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Transporting automobiles domestically or internally can be a complex process unless you hire the services of a professional car shipping company that can handle all of the paperwork and requirements that are involved. There are many ways an auto transport service can transport a car. They can be transported by truck, railroad car, plane, or on a ship to many different locations. There are also many reasons for needing an auto transport service whether for business or personal reasons.

Methods of Auto Transport

With the exception of expensive collector cars, race cars, or limousines for the President when he travels to another city, very few vehicles are transported by plane. There are large ships that are able to carry anywhere from 4,000 to 8,000 vehicles across the ocean. Vehicles can also be transported by railroad car. There are some railroad cars that are designed with multi-levels that can carry up to 22 vehicles. And finally, you have the method of transporting vehicles by truck. Most trucks are made to carry up to 12 vehicles. This is the method that most people see on the highway daily and it is very rare for a vehicle to fall off of a truck.

Reasons for Auto Transport

Many businesses use auto transport services for multiple needs. For example, car dealerships may choose to transport vehicles to different locations because they don’t want to put miles on a vehicle. Putting miles on the vehicle may cause their customers to see it as used, therefore bringing the value down. Instead of driving vehicles from Chicago to Memphis, a car dealership will choose to have an auto transport service load their vehicles on a truck or railroad car and transport them to Memphis without adding miles to each car. If someone needs to transport their vehicle for personal reasons, it could be that they are relocating across country or even to another country. If they can’t drive the vehicle to their destination, then they would use an auto transport service.

How Important is Auto Transport?

Auto transport is important to our transport industry by being efficient and convenient. Providing people and companies with multiple ways to ship a vehicle domestically and internationally. Whether you are moving multiple cars from dealership to dealership, shipping your personal car from Los Angeles to London, or simply moving to another state, auto transport can help you in a multitude of ways. Making sure to do your research and find a good, safe, and reliable auto transport service can always make the process go as easy as possible. For more information about these services click here. You can also visit them on Facebook.