Residential Insulation Lawton, OK Dealers Help Homeowners Reduce Energy Costs

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Home Improvement

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One of the best ways to improve the energy efficiency of a home is through the installation of new insulation, especially in attics. Blown or loose fill insulation is an easy and inexpensive option to insulate floor and walls. Contrastingly, Batt and spray foam insulation is primarily used to seal joists and can also keep an attic cooler. An insulation Lawton, OK distributor can show you how to save up to forty-percent on your utility bill.

Hire a Professional Installer

Apart from attics, blown insulation is also used for hard to reach areas and behind walls. One may use cellulose or fiberglass materials. Although this is a task that home improvement enthusiasts can usually handle, it should be noted that special equipment is needed. Most homeowners find that hiring a professional insulation company is more convenient. They can gauge the current energy efficiency level of your home, determine the best materials, and then make a recommendation on where insulation is most needed for maximum protection.

Reduce Energy Expenses

With the surging cost of electricity and gas, one of the best ways to make a home more energy efficient is the installation of thermal insulation. Most residential buildings have walls with several layers of bricks or wood with a small cavity between them. Interior wall insulation will help to fill this gap. A unique mineral fiber found in cavity wall insulation decreases the amount of air and heat that escapes. This equates to a home that is well protected from outside elements and is more comfortable.

Insulation Suppliers

Many homeowners are surprised to find that as much as sixty-percent of inside heat is lost through roofs, windows and walls. This means that a lot of money and energy is wasted. You’ll find there are many insulation suppliers and installers around that offer their products at competitive prices. There can also be important tax breaks for making your home more energy efficient through remodeling. Consult with a local home improvement contractor about the different installation options available.

Where to Apply Insulation

In order to save costs and reduce energy in your home, insulation should be installed in other areas besides exterior walls and attics. Ceilings, interior walls, underneath floors, vented crawl spaces, garages and even porches are all additional locations in which insulation can help protect your property. In addition to energy conservation and reduced expenses, properly installed insulation by an insulation contractor in Lawton, OK provides superior sound control.